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Search for answers to questions about our DIY coatings with this helpful new tool. You will find not only product specific information, but answers for application, preparation, and general questions about Spray Lining & Coatings brand products. Many of the frequently asked questions apply to other coatings as well. You can easily search for commonly asked questions which may be helpful for any coating project using this tool.

Additional articles and updates to current ones are being added daily. Be sure to check back for more helpful information about our products and applied coatings in general. You're encouraged to submit a question for our support team to answer as well. We will email you a response promptly with accurate information.

We hope to soon provide answers to not only our SL&C brand products, but answers to questions about our competitors and additional coatings in general. Many of the recommendations apply to any truck bed lining or other coating, so watch for specifics to follow. Take a moment to bookmark this page as a ready reference for anything about protective applied coatings.

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