Thank you for your interest in applying Spray Lining and Coatings brand products as part of your business!

Any dealership success depends on understanding the individual concerns of that business and the needs for their customers. We hope to address those specific items with any product or service we offer. Providing some answers to related questions will help us tailor plans to best help you meet your goal of starting to apply professional quality coatings for your customers.

In an effort to ensure we consider the actual needs of our potential dealers, we would like to gain your feedback regarding any specific business interests you may have, and how SL&C can help. By taking the time to answer a few questions below, we plan to tailor future dealership opportunities to take your individual needs into consideration.


Please provide us some feedback about how important these items are to your business goals.

Simply rate the items below from 1 to 5 based on the following:

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2 - Somewhat important to your business

3 - Not applicable now, but maybe in the future

4 - Relatively important to your business success 

5 - Very important to your business success

Skip any items you have no opinion on and we will consider it something you are not concerned with at this time, but maybe in the future.

(Sending referrals to you for customers who inquire about having products professionally applied.)


(Doing research to identify potential customers who may be interested in your services.)


(Additional discounts applied to future orders based on dealership level or quantity purchase.)


(Having us develop a web page or website for your business.)


(Documents which you can refer to for additional support information.)


(Developing articles out of short posts you provide to help get you found.)


(Having preferential referrals sent to your business for customers in your area.)


(Having the ability to simply login to an account and order products for stock.)


(On-going research for new products which enhance our current product line.)


(Researching and recommending a business name for your coating services.)


(Banners or signs which can be applied to your business to promote your services.)


(Research and suggest related blogs for you to post information about your business.)


(Including your business on a map or article which they can easily locate you on.)


(Having packages established, or individual items which you can order directly.)


(Recommending variations of our products based on specific application.)


(Providing on-going hosting and updates for the website we develop for your business.)


(Additional promotional materials which you can mail or otherwise provide your customers.)


(Having a contact form which forwards inquiries to your email directly.)


Please provide a little more information about the types of coatings you are interested in for your business

How else can we help you build your business?

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