Grow Your Business With Support for Even the Largest of Coatings Projects

Dealers never need to shy away from a large job. With Spray-Linings and Coatings brand product support, we've got you covered for all kinds of quantities. Whether you need to apply spray on coatings in different colors, textures, or stiffness, we can provide support and products for the best results, and at the most competitive price point on the market. Our expert advice and support is there to guide you from pricing, to equipment and product selection. We also have available step-by-step application support by phone or support documentation.

Our dealers who find themselves in the position of quoting a large job are always welcome to provide the details of the project for us to help them review and prepare for. We will assist with frank and accurate observations based on their current capabilities and the needs expected to do the job. Whether a small job for coatings you are unfamiliar with, or a large job requiring additional products, equipment, or supplies, we are always happy to help you ensure quality results.

Our Knowledge Base search tool has also been recently developed to allow you to ask your questions 24 hours a day. Here you can find immediate answers to most of the frequently asked questions both from our dealers, and our DIY customer. If there is no answer for your specific question, you can easily input specific questions to our Q&A support team. You never get a "canned answer" or sales pitch when you need accurate information. We can also be available with trained and experience support representatives for large coating jobs to meet your specific needs with advance scheduling.